ViceDerm - Artificial Intelligence for skin disease detection


Dive deep into the most important characteristicts of our deep learning models, maximizing accuracy and efficiency.

RGB imagery

Features extraction via advanced AI models, based in Convolutional Neural Networks

Termographic scanning

Adding termographic scanning for accuracy maximization, i.e. better results and effective diagnosis

Patience's symptoms analysis

Patience's speech transcription and automatic text analysis via Natural Language Processing

Instantaneous execution

Evaluation results available in less than a second after speech and imagery (RGB and termographic) available

GDPR compliant

All data is stored securely and totally protected in our servers, 100% European GDPR compliant

Backend tracking

Personalized dashboard platform for patience's clinical history tracking, i.e. better monitoring and decision making

Stay tuned, we will soon release our first version

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Get the platform

We are preparing the first version of ViceDerm, ready for use in any type of clinical context